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Our world-class Eocene fossil site has seen steady growth over the last 30 years. We are respected by scientists and researchers internationally and enjoyed by everyday people like you and me.  In order to continue serving schoolchildren, the scientific community, and visitors, we must build our operating reserves and look towards expansion.  Become a part of Stonerose today! 

Katherine Meade, Director

Money raised through memberships, sales, and donations help to preserve Republic’s unique fossil resource and manage it for the education and enjoyment of all. 

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2019 Fundraising Challenge!

Stonerose recently received notification that an anonymous donor has provided funds for Innovia Foundation to match any gifts received by December 31, 2019.  Gifts will be matched dollar for dollar up to $10,000!

We are thrilled to be the recipient of such a generous offer and hope you’ll help!

(If you do not wish to help with the Match, 
please continue to the “become a member” page).

The conditions for the match are as follows:

Gifts must:

  • Be made payable to Innovia Foundation with Stonerose Fund in the memo line. 1
  • Be received by December 31, 2019

Gifts may:

  • Be made in any amount, from any source (individual donors, schools, businesses)
  • Not be restricted and must be intended for general operations and used at Stonerose’s discretion
  • Be made online using a debit or credit card at 2

1 Checks should be mailed to Innovia Foundation, 421 W. Riverside Ave., Ste 606, Spokane, WA  99201-0402.

2 Innovia is assessed a 3% transaction fee for each credit card donation by their processing company. Donors have the option to add 3% to a donation to offset the transaction fee.

Gifts of securities must be made using a Securities Transfer form available from Innovia. The amount matched will be the dollar amount deposited in the Fund, after the securities are sold and standard broker transaction fees have been deducted.