Come visit Stonerose's 48 million year old fossil beds….

Fossil Hunt at our Eocene Fossil Site

The public is welcome to visit Stonerose and search for their own fossils in our Eocene fossil beds. At the time of your visit, the Stonerose staff will explain our rules for digging and how to find fossils. After showing all your finds to the staff for identification, you may keep three fossils per day.


Extreme Makeover!‎

Thanks to a generous donation of equipment and labor from ACI and Kinross Kettle River-Buckhorn, we were able to screen 25 years of accumulated fines and improve access to fossil-bearing layers. In October, more than 100 cubic yards of dirt and fines were taken out, and anything over 1" was stockpiled at the lower end of the quarry for further processing. Prior to the 2015 season, we hope to make further refinements to enhance our visitors' digging experience. Click to view the before and after pictures


Membership Dig Weekend April 24-26, 2015

Calling all Stonerose Members! Join us for the first dig of the 2015 season beginning Friday, April 24!
We will be open at 8 am to welcome you back and will be excited to see what you find in our recently excavated Boot Hill site. The day doesn't end with your finds, though. Be sure to join the Board of Directors and other members for the Annual Meeting Friday evening.
Speakers, Dinners, and other Events planned will be posted as they are firmed up.
If you haven't become a member yet, be sure to join (Donate Now Button), so that you can also have first "crack" at the site, fresh from winters snow.