Come visit Stonerose's 48 million year old fossil beds….

Fossil Hunt at our Eocene Fossil Site

The public is welcome to visit Stonerose and search for their own fossils in our Eocene fossil beds. At the time of your visit, the Stonerose staff will explain our rules for digging and how to find fossils. After showing all your finds to the staff for identification, you may keep three fossils per day.

$25 for our 25th

Help celebrate Stonerose's 25th Anniversary by donating $25. Your contribution is tax-deductible. Your donation helps support our education and outreach programs, equipment purchases for collection management, and improvements to our displays and interpretive information. You can use PayPal or mail your contribution to: Stonerose Interpretive Center PO Box 987 Republic, WA 99166

2014 Membership Weekend

Our annual Membership Dig is April 25-27. Our annual Membership Meeting will be held on April 26 at 6pm in the Northern Inn meeting room. The fossil site has had it's annual winter freeze/thaw cycle and the shale is ready to split.