Dr. Bruce Archibald

Research Associate:

  • Royal BC Museum, Victoria, BC
  • Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
  • Simon Fraser University

I’ve worked on fossil insects from Republic for about two decades now, publishing 22 papers in scientific journals on them. In these works, I’ve named many new species with my colleagues, almost all of which were named for the collectors who have found them, overwhelmingly the amateur collectors who visited Stonerose and donated their finds to the Stonerose collections. I’ve had great pleasure over the years working closely with people at Stonerose and more broadly the people of Republic–of Ferry County–and participating in many local events over the years. I’ve particularly enjoyed speaking to school and community groups. I look forward to many more years of looking deeply into the past through the wonderful lens of Republic fossils made possible by the warm hospitality of the people of Republic.